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Want to win elections?

Elections in India are no longer the same as they once were. To win an election in India, you’ll need a team of dependable and seasoned election campaign managers. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Good election strategists who know what to do & when
  • Trained workers & management for effective door-to-door campaign
  • Quality, yet cheap Election Material to increase on-ground visibility
  • Professional booth management to ensure max “own” votes polled
  • Social Media management for effective outreach to your voters
Survey and Data Collection

For political campaigns, we perform door-to-door, online, SMS, and social media surveys, as well as opinion polls and exit polls. We can provide modified voter lists for any constituency, as well as custom data such as caste and phone number.

Door-to-door Campaign

We do door-to-door outreach in India and deliver your primary messages to voters. Our staff are trained to update info, distribute brochures, posters, and flyers to Indian voters.

Election Materials

We design, produce and deliver any kind of election material. Our manufacturing and supply warehouses are spread across the country. We offer t-shirts, caps, bags, flags, booth kits, dummy EVM etc.

On-ground Campaign

We help create positive buzz about candidate & reach out to voters emphatically. We provide teams for Street Plays, Nukkad Natak, branded e-rickshaws, LED Vans, Human Banners Location Video Shoots, Public Interviews etc.

Booth Management

We can recognize, train, and manage booth staff. Our trainers and supervisors have controlled polling booths in over 100 elections. Our plan for getting your electorate out to vote will help you increase your vote percentage by up to 10%!

Social Media

We assist in reaching out to voters in India through the internet. On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, we have teams to work on content, graphics, and videos. We assist you in making an impact by assisting you in making your articles go viral!

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